Manual Machine

Manual Sealing Machine

Introducing our manual series of sealing machine for small batch operation.

Model Machine Size (mm) Max. Container Size (mm) Weight Power Cycles per Hour
REI-013S 210 x 420 x 370 200*150*90 11kg 800W Up to 300
REI-013L 250 x 450 x 340 200*185*90 13kg 800W Up to 300
REI-013XL 330 x 510 x 380 200*245*120 21kg 800W Up to 300

Standard Features

Lightweight and easy to operate

Allows for different temperature settings

Low-maintenance, compact design

Manual Film Feeding

Low Price

Quick Interchangeable mould for different container sizes.

Cost-Effective Total Packaging Solution

Provide consumer confidence with tamper-evident packaging that maintains freshness and an appetizing, professional look.