In Line Tray Sealer


There are a number of innovations in relation to inline sealing machines. The main objective is to achieve the production speed and automation required by the food producers.

Although we have standard/base configurations on the machine model, most of the time, the machine is custom design based on customer requirements.

All of the inline machines can be fitted with vacuum (Busch pump) with gas flushing feature.


REI-22 Machine


REI-55 Machine


REI-600 Machine


REI-56 Machine

Model Machine Dimension (LxWxH mm) (minimum configuration) Max Tray Dimension Main Features
REI-22 1600 x 800 x 1500mm 228 x 178mm (2-up) Speed up to 20 cpm. Can be fitted with devices for automatic functionalities such as denester, filler, overcapper, discharge systems, etc.
REI-55 1600 x 800 x 1500mm 228 x 178mm (2-up) Speed up to 15cpm. Same functionality as above. Advantage includes the ability to easily support interchangeable tray sizes because of its conveyor configurations.
REI-56 2200 x 1100 x 1650mm 230mm x 200mm (3 -up) High speed configuration up to 18 cpm
REI-600 3500 x 1000 x 1700mm 230mm x 180mm (3-up) High speed configuration up to 14 cpm

Auto-film feedStandard Features

  • Film Sensor Controller
  • Date Printer
  • Film Correcting Unit
  • Sealing and Bordered Cutting (profile cut)

Optional Features

  • Vacuum/ Gas Flushing
  • Gas Flushing (Vacuum less)
  • Over Capping
  • Product Output Discharge and Tracking
  • Denester (Auto-cup drop)
  • Pre-cut Lid applicator
  • Automatic Fill (liquid, heavy liquid or solid products)
  • Product Tracking

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