About Us

Reipak Pty Ltd  (trading as Super Sealer Australia) supplies cup and tray sealing machineries for the food manufacturing and food retail industries. Based in Tullamarine, Victoria (close to Melbourne International Airport), we also offer selected high quality products and food packaging solutions.

Striding towards 10 years of service to the Australian market the company is proud to be continually building, strengthening and growing nationwide.
Our Mission

Super Sealer Australia assists our end customers to increase profits by decreasing product integrity loss and labour costs. This is achieved by:

·         Producing exceptionally quality and cost effective machinery which are designed to ensure proper packaging seals

·         Understanding the customer requirements and helping them achieve the goal of increasing their product integrity


Company Profile

The Super Sealer Group was established in 1985 incorporating the Japanese packaging technology in designing and manufacturing sealing machineries for various industry applications. Products are exported in different countries including North America, Central and South America, the Pacific Region, Africa, Europe, and Asia.

The Australian Office is established  with the goal of becoming an industry leader in high quality but cost effective tray sealing machinery, sealing equipment innovations and other food product equipment.

Super Sealer Australia’s capabilities extend to cover engineering, product development, machining and fabrication for a wide variety of packaging applications as well as technical support and services.